Today there is a coach for every situation and problem. No wonder, because the term coaching or coach is still not protected in most countries. Basically everyone can call themselves that and spread their message. 

Also, who does not know them, the messages on Instagram and Co., which apparently speak so positively about the manifestation of the mindset, the subconscious attraction of money and the cosmic power of the universe. 

Anyone considering coaching should first of all be aware of  

The best entrepreneur coach in iowa who they are talking to and who they want to give their money to. 

Coaching is particularly important for entrepreneurs, because they are regularly confronted with a multitude of challenges. 

Time overload, challenging customers, economic problems and conflicts with employees are on the agenda of many entrepreneurs. 

The aspiration to build a successful company that is developing and to head for the next level with a great team is lost. 

If you ask successful entrepreneurs how they do it, more than half will answer that they have a mentor, sparring partner or coach who supports them in their personal development.

Entrepreneurs need new skills 

Entrepreneurship used to be characterized by managing one's own company. The main focus was on profitability. The challenge was to make a decision in a way that pays off. 

The employees were regarded as the executive bodies, there were enough specialist staff on the market and the demands of the employees were not as high as they are today. 

In times of digitization, the shortage of skilled workers, generational change, globalization, the pandemic and economic change, completely new skills have been required for some time. 

Managing directors, owners and every manager need very specific skills to fulfill their role in the future. Holistic entrepreneur coaching that promotes entrepreneurial development as well as having an impact on personal development is the path that is needed today for a stable future.

Resilience in the crisis 

marathon The fact is that the next few years will be years of crisis. It is becoming standard for executives, entrepreneurs and owners to deal with crises again and again. However, these are mostly marathons and not sprints. 

In entrepreneurship coaching, a different view is therefore needed today than that of process assurance and methods. It is primarily about topics such as resilience, self-management and vitality management - entrepreneurs need resilience, stamina and need to know how to lead themselves. Everyone is now familiar with the unstable VUCA world that developed in the late 1980s. 

The BANI world is new. It consists of the abbreviations of brittle, anxious, non-linear and incomprehensible and arose in 2020 due to the pandemic and climate change. 

But no matter what you call it, it is clear that entrepreneur coaching in particular is now about different topics than a few years ago. 

If you take self-management as an example, the work-life balance that many entrepreneurs never had is dead. It's about vitality management, managing your own energy and building resilience. 

This is the only way to manage the crisis marathon that inevitably comes your way without running out of breath after just a few kilometers.

Exchange at eye level - the right coach

The further up the career ladder you go, the more difficult it becomes to find people with whom an honest exchange is possible. 

Entrepreneurs are usually surrounded by people who either don't dare to tell the truth because they want to look good, or by people who don't know the situation themselves. A good entrepreneur coach knows what it's like to be an entrepreneur and knows the challenges. 

In addition, an entrepreneur coach who does not manage or hasn’t managed a company himself is not taken seriously by the majority of his clients. Entrepreneur coaches are a dime a dozen and it is difficult to find the right grain of sand. 

Companies that are running into a crisis situation or are perhaps already in the middle of such a situation - no counterpart who has memorized one textbook after the other during training will help them. 

Entrepreneurs who are looking for clarity and orientation need a counterpart on an equal footing - so empathy is needed on the basis of "I experienced it myself" by business coach midwest.

Sparring partners are not "yes men" 

Entrepreneurs do not need entrepreneur coaching in which they are talked about according to their mouths. Rather, they need someone who speaks plain language and does not shy away from the uncomfortable truth, because only then can a goal be achieved together. 

Acting appropriately as an entrepreneur is not always easy. Especially not when it comes to topics such as setting goals, maintaining one's own ability to act or dealing with oneself in a "species-appropriate" manner. 

But how do you act appropriately as an entrepreneur - especially if he or she really wants to make a difference? How can this action be made easier? How can employees be managed better today? How can you grow personally? 

One task follows the next and it is required to secure or expand the success of your company.


The task in coaching is to actively work on a topic or several topics. The Leahroling’s entrepreneur coach is empathetic and yet persistent, leading the client down new paths. Their coaches also show them how to stabilize themselves, their employees and the company for the future.